Promo World Color Trends of 2015

Promo World Color Trends of 2015

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Despite the fact that summer is already behind us, we still have time to enjoy some days under the sun and are looking forward to, hopefully, a warm and beautiful fall. Each season dictates its own trends and movements in all kind of industries. Particular attention has always been given to color palettes: every year we wait for the newest color trends introduced to us during fashion shows. But haute couture choices affect far beyond clothing lines – the trends spread to all kind of industries, which try to create fashion-oriented and more appealing color choices for their consumers. The promotional industry is not an exception.

Make sure to learn the hottest shades of the season in the promo world, in order to make a stylish choice of your favorite item. 


Color Trend #1: Classic Blue

refillable portfolio

Blue is a very popular solution for most items.  We can’t but have the classic shades of blue, which have been iconic of the most elegant collections for years – Fabrizio. The classic blue is again having a moment now, coming up in various product ranges, from pens and journals to tech items such as Addi speaker, Donald power bank and journal and Gavin pen. With the help of classic blue tones, our products gain some really great looks, while also transmitting the idea of reliability and trust. 

Color Trend #2: Tangerine

ballpoint pen

Tangerine is one of the brightest and most energizing shades ever. If you would like everyone to notice you and to smile when you are around, this shade is the one you need. Donald journal combo, Circus and Claire notebooks and Luna stylus pen have this sassy and energizing orange shade, which creates super modern and beautiful products. For more inspiration, look HERE

Color Trend #3: Lucite Green 

ballpoint pen

Another unique and interesting shade is Lucite Green, a beautiful innovation to the color palette of Ali Executive, Andy and Krissy pens. It is a specific combination of mint and classic green shades; a unique tone. This very refreshing cool tone looks especially amazing in combination with Scuba Blue and Classic Blue.

Color Trend #4: Custard, or the Perfect Mellow Yellow

pen and journal gift set

The following energizing and great shade for the most refreshing and smile-evoking reaction is the Custard Yellow shade. The warmness of the sun, the energy it conveys and the memories of the summer invade you when seeing shades like this. From boho chic to vintage and modern looks, everything works perfectly with this tone. Pair this yellow tone with classic blue pieces for a really personalized fashion statement 

Color Trend #5: Marsala Reddish Brown Shade

journal promo products

A great mix of bordeaux and brownish shades, Marsala is a personality-stating and ultra-chic color that will charm your heart right away. This look reflects passion and grace. So if you want to portrait confidence and self-assurance, have a look through these items. Sandstone and classic blue are some of the trendy 2015 colors that pair perfectly with this versatile shade. 

Color Trend #6: Glacier Gray 

power bank

Moving from playful and energizing to classic and chic, we come to the uber luxurious and mind blowing shade Glacier Gray. Absolutely natural and relaxing, this shade makes a superb combination with any warm or cool shade. An unchanging trend in the past few seasons, gray shades now come with even more renovated and stunning interpretations. Love for this timeless shade. 

Color Trend #7: Timeless Black 

wireless speaker

Back to basics and classics, black just can’t be left out. Black is another color trend that can be noted for the summer/fall 2015, with its natural grace and chic. Black is present both in combos with its natural partner, white, and by itself. Ultra classic and unforgettable, it makes a strong statement about your personality. 

Color Trend #8: Innocent White 


wireless stereo speaker

The white shade accompanies black almost everywhere. This year, white is also noteworthy and frequent, coming up on the newest and long-term leading items. Creative and curious, it also represents luxury and chic.

Color Trend #9: Passionate Red

gift set

The classic red color, with all its variations, is the following noteworthy option that we may point out when discussing 2015 color trends. In fact, red is one of those colors that never cease reflecting passion and energy and, of course, attracting attention. Use red to spice up the looks of your gifts.


As you can see, from cooler shades to all-time favorite neutrals, 2015 seasons are painted in rich and diverse shades that with right decoration technique give endless opportunities of creating standout products just for you!

Mix and Match and Have fun! 

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