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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s a fairly standard practice to celebrate our relationships and show our appreciation to our employees and clients during the holidays. BUT WAIT! You’re not everybody else!


You’re creative and you pride yourself on your innovative reputation – so why would you follow the herd and recognize your clients when everybody else does? We have an idea for you! Why not recognize your warm-and-fuzzy appreciation for your clients at Thanksgiving?! We’re blowing your mind right now, aren’t we?

gift gifting

Gifting at Thanksgiving allows your gift the opportunity to be recognized for the kind and generous act that it deserves. This simple act of switching up your annual gifting routine demonstrates a number of awesome qualities that all businesses want to convey – creativity, thoughtful intent, and generosity of spirit are just a few characteristics that will be naturally infused into your Thanksgiving gift.

Now all you need to do is find a gift equally as innovative! Here are a few of our favorites to get you started!

gift set portfolio, speaker, power bank

4-Piece Gfit Set

includes 2-piece gift box, Donald Jr. portfolio, Addi-Donald Bluetooth speaker, Donald 6,000 mAh power bank and Veneno stylus/pen.



gift set speaker power bank pen

3-Piece Gift Set

includes 2-piece gift box, Sticki 2,200 mAh power bank, Harmony wireless speaker and Veneno Silver ballpoint pen.





gift set key chain, card holder, pen

Fabrizio Gift Set

includes Fabrizio twist-action pen, Fabrizio key ring and Fabrizio card holder.





gift set pen, pencil

Renzo Gift Set

includes Renzo ballpoint pen, Renzo rollerball pen and Renzo mechanical pencil.






You can find even more holiday gift ideas HERE

DON’T FORGET that if you would like to create a real UNIQUE gift for your clients you can always choose our Customize Packaging option and MIX and MATCH using all of your creativity!


Happy Thanksgiving! 

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