Promo Items for the Home Office

Promo Items for the Home Office

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Regular work-at-home has become a huge trend. Besides freelancers, the number of companies revamping their space around employees’ mobility is raising year by year. Telecommuters are traditional employees who get to work from home either part time or full time.  Latest statistics imply that among the non-self-employed population, the number of telecommuters has grown by 103% since 2005 – 6.5% just in 2014 -, while the employee population as a whole grew by 1.8% the same year.

No matter the form of employment, more people are choosing to take control of how they spend and organize their time and are trying to make the working-at-home environment more comfortable and convenient for getting the work done. In order to do that, you need to have all necessary supplies right at hand. Here are some promo products that will help you set up your home office for all the hard work ahead, as it is a well-known fact that home workers tend to be more productive than their office colleagues. 

Wireless Speakers


One of the advantages of working at a home office is that it’s not necessary to enjoy music through headphones. Wireless speakers are a perfect compact solution to turn the tunes up loud and boost your energy! The wide selection of speakers available can help you find your one and only, whether you want it to be more portable or more powerful, for dancing in your chair or diving into Monday blues. 

Not necessarily from home

Lots of people call it “working from home,” but actually choose different spots to do their jobs. The following products help get telecommuters out of their houses (which, believe me, they need to, every now and then) and into their local libraries, coffee shops, and other places that welcome them. 

Over-ear headphones

headphones promo products

Working in a quiet place doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your music in comfort. Over-ear headphones are perfect for noise isolation and cancellation, so you get 100% work concentration guaranteed. 

Power Bank

power bank charger promo products

Electronic gadgets and devices are essential for the person working outside the office. The worst thing to imagine is definitely to run out of power right in the middle of an assignment, with no available power outlet around. Power banks are specifically created to avoid this kind of emergencies and keep your work flow smooth. Find your perfect power bank following these simple guidelines


stylus pen highlighter

3-in-1 pen, highlighter, and stylus. Don’t miss a beat while you’re working at home or on the go.

You never know, these days, if you’re going to be scribbling on a pad or tapping away at a screen; so take the guesswork out of it and keep this handy item with you everywhere. 

Refillable Journal

refillable journal

Despite our love of technology, our favorite way to take notes is still the trusty journal.

Refillable journals are great; not only the cover protects your notebook/pad from any damage, but it will also last you for a very long time, as they are not disposable as other journals. Reuse it by changing from one notebook to another as many time as you wish!

You can also enjoy using a refillable journal with an attached USB flash drive. This great duo will keep all your notes and always have some extra storage whenever you feel the need to back up your data.

Business Card Holder

business card holder

Self-promo is an essential part of any kind of business, whether you are a freelancer looking for new clientele or a telecommuter always making useful business contacts. Either way, a business card might be a good investment for you. A business card holder is a practical and stylish item to storage your cards and hold on to cards from the contacts you make. 


There is plenty of room for a lot of companies to make working outside the office a success for everyone involved. The range of ideas and implementation strategies may vary from one business to another, but promotional items for the home office can work for your brand by helping remote contributors get down to work! 


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