5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Corporate Gift this Holiday Season

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Corporate Gift this Holiday Season

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We all know that Christmas is the most magical and wonderful time of the year, however there is one thing that can spoil the festive mood – gift shopping.

Family, friends, colleagues, employees, business partners and much more – sometimes it’s just too much to handle. And, of course, you would like every present to be special, something that creates a personal experience and gives value to the recipient

This is the ultimate guide to finding the perfect corporate gift for anyone and everyone.  Did you know that 42% of all holiday gifts are company-branded items? For many years we, at spectorandco have been providing the most creative and best quality promo gifts for you and your clients, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a great gift. 

  1. Aim for utility

Knowing what to buy for a corporate gift is a challenge, as it is difficult to know all of your clients or employees on a personal level. The best gifts are those that can be used throughout the year and won’t end up in the trash bin, so aim for useful products such as notebooks, pens, speakers, desk lamps, nice calendars and so on.

  1. Personalize it

It is always a good idea to create brand recognition by putting your company’s name on your gifts. Branded gifts create a unique and personal touch and will be appreciated as long as they are useful and nice to use in daily routine or work environment. 

  1. Spend on packaging

As important as selecting the right corporate gift for your client is the packaging of the gift itself. Sometimes, a gift in regular wrapping paper just doesn’t deliver the right message. Think about the gifting experience. Get creative with the packaging, customize it; spend time and money on it, to reflect you value client relationships.

  1. Share your joy

If you’re giving something to people at big companies, think about a gift that every single employee could enjoy, and not just the managers.

  1. Deliver in person

If your business gift list isn’t too big, consider delivering the gifts to the intended party in person. Corporate gifts can be an opportunity to connect with your clients, strengthen the relationship and spread holiday cheer. A personally delivered gift can put you ahead of the game and at the top of your clients’ minds.  

Happy Holiday Shopping! 

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