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There are numerous myths that surround promotional products and branded apparel business in general. The sad part is that these outrageous myths have a huge impact on marketers, buyers and organizations in just about every industry.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear such terms as swag, promotional products, and giveaways? In most of the cases you would think about cheap and useless junk with a logo on. Unfortunately, many companies purchase promotional products with no thought or understanding of their consumers’ needs, throwing hundreds of useless items their way. As a result myths around promotional product appear which we will debunk below.  

Myth #1: People don’t use promotional products

There are too much swag going around, people simply don’t have use for them all. They can’t possibly use all the logo pens, mugs, t-shirts, and tote bags that marketers fling their way.

The truth is people just love freebies! According to Promotional Product Association International (PPAI), 83% of consumers like receiving promotional products and 53% of them use a promotional item at least once a week or more.

So you have a green light – unleash the promos on consumers. Just make sure they are valuable to your audience and relevant to your brand.  

Myth #2: There is no way to measure ROI of promotional products

Promotional products are completely and easily trackable. All that needed from you is to create a marketing strategy for the product, the message and the measurable objectives for each promo product that is given out by your brand.

When you are measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts, don’t let promos fall to the wayside because you are not sure how to track their effectiveness. You have to take time and learn how to do it. Click HERE to see the simplest ways to calculate ROI of your promo products. 

Myth #3: The Cheaper the product the better for businesses

Promo products have gained a reputation of being cheap. A lot of marketers when it comes to promo products have a one-track mind; they want to get their logo in front of as many people as possible. In order to do this, they looking for the cheapest products never thinking about the impact it makes on their brand.

Price should never be the driving force and only consideration. Remember that you make a lasting impression on recipients with your promos. According to PPAI, more than three quarters of people can recall the advertiser’s name on a promotional product they received in the last 12 months.

What you give people stick in their mind, so give something that will help you to connect to your audience which in turns lead to a better exposure and higher perception of your brand. Your customers know the difference between cheap products and products that give them the sense that you are working hard to gain their respect and business.

Myth #4: There is no current innovation in promotional industry

Considering that promos have been around for hundreds of years tracing back to 1789, when George Washington used election buttons to help get elected as a President, it’s easy to think that everything has been done before and that there’s nothing fresh and new.

The reality is that promotional items are constantly evolving. Promotional products are a $19.83 billion industry, and every year thousands of new products enter the marketplace. Click here to get a look at some of the most innovative and fresh items of 2016.

Myth #5: Promotional products won’t work for my business

You fond of idea to use promotional products, but you’re just not sure that it will work for your business. You think they cost too much, they are unoriginal, or any of the myths we’ve just busted above. It’s easy to doubt the effectiveness of promo items, especially if you never tried them.

In reality, promos can work for any brand and any campaign – whether you want to drive tradeshow traffic, boost brand awareness, or achieve something else. PPAI states that after receiving a promotional product, 85% of consumers do business with the advertiser. Also 11% of advertisers increase their business even among those who hadn’t done business with them before. So, it pays to use promotional products, as they not only get your logo in front of target audience but they drive recipients to do business with your company. That’s a powerful tool!

To sum up, as you can see promotional products work, whether they’re used alone or integrated with other media. They get your name out there and let people know who you are and what you stand for.

Myths about promotional products smashed!


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